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We kindly  invite you to the 15th Baltic Military Fair...

The aluminum driver console fully made by FAMOR and the internal light line...

We have introduced the explosion-proof LED luminary type OF4191...

Aluminum driver's console made by FAMOR was used in...

FAMOR just launched a new LED luminaries for use in hazardous areas, mainly in the mining excavations.

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FAMOR is a provider of complete solutions in the field of lighting and electrical equipment.  Our offer includes luminaires with different level of protection, using LED technology and traditional light sources, signaling equipment, low-voltage switchboards, navigation and control consoles as well as searchlights and floodlights. Our products are used in the marine industry, equipping vessels and drilling rings, as well as in many sectors of industry, including civil construction, mining and chemical industry, hospitals, the passenger rail and road transport.

At the beginning  the company has focused on the shipbuilding industry, where are very high demands of quality and durability of products is essential, the same quality requirements  we apply to all our product groups. We obtained several quality certifications  including AQUAP 2110, NATO Certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 13485. We have research-development department, many products are designed and manufactured according to individual clients requirements. We also offer services related to metal machining, welding and powder painting. We have modern machinery.

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